wool felting bird feathers

If you love to scrapbook, you may also know that it’s easy to get a large collection of stuff. Between photos and trinkets and other items you want to hold onto, it can seem like there is a massive pile of items to go in your scrapbooks.

When you add to this the tools and items needed to make your scrapbooks look nice, the templates and papers, scissors and stamps, stickers and more, it can make a person go crazy just trying to organize everything. If you’ve ever felt like you didn’t want to take another photo just to avoid adding to the mess, then you’re in trouble.

Is felt or fabric or wool a good insulator?

Wool is extremely effective because it retains its insulation properties even when wet. Wool also absorbs moisture from the body, allowing you to stay warm and dry. The caveat of wool is that it tends to be itchy or uncomfortable. Wool also becomes extremely heavy and prone to misshaping and breakage when wet.

What do you need to make a felt doll?

Small amounts of white wool (roving or batting) for teeth and eyes, dyed wool for eye color, blush and shading Wool Roving or Curly Wool Locks for hair. Strong sewing needle (used as a sculpting tool – not for sewing) Learning how to needle felt dolls has never been easier!

How do you wash felt in the washing machine?

Set washing machine to HOT WASH/COLD RINSE. Wash item, then shake out and lay flat to dry. For more important information about how to felt wool, see below. You should use wool or other animal fiber yarn, ie. alpaca or llama, maybe dog hair if you have a long haired breed.

What is the best way to test felting shrinkage?

The standard laundering cycle, a Woolmark TM 31-5A wash cycle, is used to test felting shrinkage. The relationship between felting shrinkage and all the parameters selected is studied by multiple regression analysis. The results of the investigation show that the treatment with 4% DC 109 resin produces better anti-felting properties.

Messy scrapbook supplies shouldn’t take away from the joy of keeping scrapbooks. This is why it is very important for you to find a way to organize these supplies so that you have things when you need them and you don’t go crazy in the process.

Each scrapbooker will have their own method of organizing supplies and you will need to find a system that works for you. Before you head out and start buying a bunch of boxes and bins, you need to determine what will work best for you. You should investigate the different types of systems other scrapbookers use and then try some of them out for yourself to see what works best.

When all else is lost, consider hiring a professional organizer who specializes in these types of organizational projects to help you get things in order. Remember that once you have your scrapbooking supplies in order, you’re going to have to take the proper steps to keep them that way. You need to be neat and tidy and put things back where they go when you’re finished with them or you’ll just end up with a giant mess again.